Ludwig Van Beethoven

Johannes Brahms

Cécile Chaminade

Ernest Chausson

Claude Debussy

Franz Joseph Haydn

Fanny Mendelssohn

Felix Mendelssohn

Serguey Rachmaninov

Camille Saint-Saëns

Dmitri Shostakovitch

Franz Schubert

Bedrich Smetana

Giovanni Sollima

Trio in D Major Op. 79 n°1 "Ghost" (From August 2020)


Trio n°3 in C minor Op. 101

Trio n°2 in A minor Op. 34

Trio in G minor Op. 3 (From August 2020)


Trio in G Major

Trio in D Major Hob. XV : 27

Trio in D minor Op. 11

Trio n°2 in C minor Op. 66

Trio élégiaque n°1 in G minor

Trio n°2 in E minor Op. 92 (From August 2020)


Trio n°2 in E minor Op. 67 (From April 2020)


Trio n°2 in Eb Major Op. 101 D. 929 (From April 2020)


Trio in G minor Op. 15

Short Trio Stories

As a different group band

Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms

Aram Khatchaturian

Olivier Messiaen

Clarinet Trio in A minor Op. 114


Piano Quartet n°1 in G minor Op. 25

Trio for piano, violon & clarinet

Quatuor for the End of Time

Proudly created by the Trio Aralia somewhere between Vienna, Paris, The Hague, or anywhere else !